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Dir en Grey
mostly videogames
nothing much
some things...
Some really cool art sites that I know


Topic: yeah
I started making a little L'Arc~en~Ciel shrine. It's got nothing inside as of now but I'll be specializing in guitar tabs. *nyek.* Click here to take a look but then even if you go there, you'll only see a L'Arc pic. wakekekekek!!! ^__^

This is a picture of me and my friends. I'm the dude with the cap. This was taken when we were in Shangri-La mall. We were supposed to watch a movie in the new movie house but unfortunately, it was closed. So we got rotten in that rotten mall, doing nothing but walking.

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Mood:  d'oh
Topic: mostly videogames
Me and my classmates will be televised on Sunday. Our top 20 brains will participate in this LG quiz and we're gonna represent our school. It'll be taped on Thursday and being a dumb student that I am, I'm just one of the audience cheering for our school. But, we're gonna do an intermission number and I'll be playing the guitar! weeh!

I added more links, mostly jrock-related. The admin of SUNRISE: THE FORUM, haruka, e-mailed me the other day, telling me to promote and share his site to other L'Arc~en~Ciel fans. So to you L'Arc~en~Ciel fans out there, visit his site. It's a nice forum and it's still growing.

I was surfing some Dir en Grey sites last night and crashed into this Toshiya fansite. It's got some nice stuff about Toshiya, (super duper hot and sexy bassist in this pic) and got to read some of their interviews. They're so funny! (LOL) Shinya cracks me up. He loves his dog too much.

Listening to Dir en Grey's Ain't Afraid to Die. Damn Kyo's voice is ruining the whole song. It's actually a pretty nice ballad but shit, Kyo's voice sucks to death (in this song). I hate how he doubles the pitch of a single note (if you know what I mean...) Not good.

Oh did I ever mention my hobby of playing videogames? I play RPG games in PS, Dreamcast and PS2. The games I've finished so far were FFVII-IX, Resident Evil 3, Tenchu 2, Tomb Raider, and other titles in the PS1, FFX, FFX2, Kingdom Hearts, Tenchu 3, Onimusha 3, Devil May Cry in the PS2 and Shenmue in the Dreamcast and many other more.

FFVII owns. Very nice game. Sephiroth is the best villain ever. Cloud's the coolest guy to play the lead. There's an FFVII movie coming (FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN) and the whole thing will run in Full Motion Video effect. But not much news about it yet.

FFVIII was kinda good too but I didn't enjoy it that much. Squall sucks actually, despite being handsome. Rinoa's a lame character. The gameplay wasn't all too good for me.

FFIX was also very good. The graphics improved a bit. I enjoyed the chocobo sidequest most in this game.

FFX was an all new world for me. The level up system was different from the traditional one. I liked it better actually since I could change it myself. The graphics were overwhelming and the gameplay is 10 out of 10. But then, Tidus isn't an eyecandy unlike Cloud and Squall and for some reason, something's kinda wrong with Yuna's face.

Unfortunately, I disliked the sequel of FFX. FFX2 was very boring and it was all but the same thing. If not, it's gotten worse. I didn't like the sphere grid system at all and I hated the Leveling Up once again. The characters were limited to 3 which made it even more boring and the places were just the same places from FFX (duh sequel). Nothing excited me in the game and the way I ended it wasn't good.

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Mood:  cheeky
Topic: L'arc~en~Ciel
Okee. Some L'arc talk from me comin up.

This is a picture of their vocalist, Hyde in the video HONEY. (hottie hottie). Larc is made up of Hyde(vocals), Tets(bass), Ken(guitar) and Yukihiro in drums.

Anyway, they've got 9 albums to sum it all up which are Dune, their indies album, Tierra, Heavenly, True, Heart, Ark, Ray, Real and their latest album SMILE.

My favorite album is Heavenly. It's their third album and, what can I say, it's so damn good.

Weird cover huh. But anyway, the nicest song by them in that album for me is Garasu Daman. Very cool slow guitars in the beginning, then it suddenly builds up until it's ended by those cool guitars and bass again.

Their latest album SMILE has the ugliest cover among all their cds. It looks like this: X_X seriously. But sadly, this album was quite a disappointment to me. I mean, if you compare it to their early albums and songs, you can conclude that L'arc could do better than that. The only songs I appreciate there are Time Goes On and Hitomi no Jyunnin. Ready Steady Go is pretty good too.

Hyde's got a fuckin kid. SHIT! He's happily married to Megumi Oishi who he met in this concert. Okay she's pretty but... I dunno. I think they're just not compatible. I mean, Hyde's this cool rockstar and she's this... goody good bitch of some sort. And dude she's 10 inches taller than Hyde!(since Hyde's only 5"2.) hehe...

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Updated: 30/06/04 3:55 AM EDT


According to the people in this jrock forum that I go to, L'arc~en~Ciel will be holding a concert in America.

FUCK!!! I'm in the goddamned Philippines! I'm a 15 year old student! I'm not working! I don't have money! I can't go there no matter how hard I picture myself infront of Ken, signing my L'arc~en~Ciel cd...

I swear I would be more than happy to give away my kidneys, legs, fingers(oh no scratch that. I can't play my guitar without my fingers.) just to watch friggin L'arc LIVE!!! I'll actually find myself standing about 50 feet away from Hyde! Oh shit...

If only L'arc would go here huh? But the problem is, Jrock bands have no fanbase here. They can't hold a concert where only a few cool people know them. Tsk tsk tsk.

My favorite song by L'arc~en~Ciel is flower. Damn it's actually my favorite song. They've got really good songs with so much diversity which L'arc is good at and known for.

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Topic: Dir en Grey
Just came home from school. Crap, I'm tired but anyway...

Just wanna talk about this Jrock band called Dir en Grey right now. They're actually my favored band next to L'arc. I think they're actually pretty good and their drummer Shinya could pull off some really good beats.

This is a picture of them. They're actually a group of 5 weird and psycho-looking dudes with amazing talent. Kyo(vocals), Kaoru(guitars), Die(guitars), Toshiya(bass), Shinya(drums).

This band is in the visual kei genre which means make-up, heels, lingeries and skirts. But then, their music has some nice melody in it since Kaoru, their major song-writer's really good. The only problem is that Kyo tends to screw up the song with his annoying singing voice. He's better in screaming the songs I think.

The guitars of Dir en Grey though are not very amazing. They don't have those cool guitar riffs like Janne da Arc or Siam Shade or XJapan. Their bassist is pretty good (specially in the song Cage) and Shinya IMO is one the best drummers out there. He's actually the only drummer who happened to impress me, despite being really thin. I liked the way he was drumming the songs Berry and Child Prey.

My favorite song by this band is called The Final. It's by far, the nicest song by them for me.

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Updated: 28/06/04 6:18 AM EDT


Talkin' Filipino here.
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: nothing much
I just had my ears pierced! haha. doesn't hurt one bit. I had it done in the cartiledge part but seriously, it didn't hurt. The ones in the lobe hurt even more I think. And now, I have 4 holes in the right and 2 in the left.

My friends and I went to Shangri-la yesterday. I hate that mall. There's nothing to do there. Shit. My feet only hurt from all the senseless walking.

Last week, we went to the Fette de la Musique in Libis. I was with my friend and there were alot of bands there. It's a big musical event and yeah, there were alot of bands, (acoustic, rock, world music, ska) you get the picture. There were all kinds of people there. There were *cough*hiphoppers*yuck**cough*, punks(cool), all kinds.

My friend and I stayed at the rock stage. We were able to watch The Monggols and 6CycleMind. The people there were very strange though since 90% of the crowd were wearing black and 60% were wearing Converse sneakers of different colors and cuts. Nice sight though.

Unfortunately, it rained. Hard. Libis is an open place and the stage was outside the bars so, everything got ruined. Too bad though, after one band after 6CycleMind was supposed to be Rivermaya! But the damn rain screwed up everything.

Sandwich was also supposed to play. They're actually my favorite OPM band for now.

Anyway, I'm watching L'arc~en~Ciel stuff right now. I'm watching their Kaze no Yuke video.

It's actually great that until now, L'arc is still alive and doing well, even after a decade. But then, they're music right now isn't all that good anymore unlike their early days.

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Mood:  cool
Topic: haller
I'm meeting my teacher in classical guitar an hour from now. It's pretty friggin hot in here.

Listening to Janne da Arc's Gaia (album) right now. Man they're good.

I haven't seen my bandmates in ages. Yes I have a band, we're called Borealis and I play the lead but I need more practice. Screw it.

I'm getting addicted to Dir en Grey these days. It's getting weird. I'm not even a nu-metal person. But they're getting really interesting.

My brain hurts. Too much geometry and trigonometry a while ago. It sucks dude. I need a sleep.

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Screw it
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: some things...
hokkkeeiii... this is my first blog. ever. I suck at the html kinda shit so I'd settle for this cheesy trick... in the mean time.

Just came home from school... not too much assignments to do for now so, there.

Some things about me... I play the guitar. yeah. And I'm yet another fan of JROCK. But sadly, because of awful and painful school crap, I don't play my instument too often. Shit.

To you suckers in this world who don't give a shit about these 4 guys, this is my favorite band, L'Arc~en~Ciel. Leading man is Hyde. Sweet.

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Updated: 24/06/04 7:15 AM EDT

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